Forage produce is wholly inspired the British landscape and food heritage and a love of making exciting food with the best ingredients that simply belong with each other.

Our store cupboard wild ingredients and seasonal treats burst with flavour - really,really good flavour! From wild seasonings to sweet preserves and syrups,  we offer a wonderful range of foods that reflect the wonderful wild ingredients of Britain, celebrate our food heritage and capture the essence of the changing seasons.

We pedal our wares through a selection of lovely stockists (see 'How To Buy' for a list) and sell online through Love Your Larder and Big Barn 

Pontack  £5.95 150ml

      Charlie Lee Potter loves Pontack 'Perfect ingredient for a vinaigrette..delicious stirred into a slow cooked beef casserole'   

An incredibly versatile and deeply flavoursome addition to any kitchen - a wild sauce that can be used like worcestershire sauce or a very special vinegar.

Pontack is something special and has a devoted following of ‘pontackers’ who use it to enhance and uplift their food. Made with elderberries soaked in cider vinegar, onions and spices this magical sauce does wonderful things to stews and casseroles, meat or vegetables – in fact you’d be hard pushed to find many savoury foods that aren’t enhanced by a splash of this dark, spicy wizardry.

Charlie Lee Potter, Broadcaster and Journalist created a delicious fennel & walnut salad using Pontack; you can find this recipe on her mouthwatering blog eggsontheroof



Wild Herb Rub £3.50 15g

               Kate Humble loves Wild Herb Rub 'It smells like summer in a hay field.'s wild & absolutely delicious'

A wonderful wild flavouring packed with herbs that grow in British pastureland, made with wild thyme, english sage, fennel, marjoram and camomile mixed with with hints of meadowsweet, clover flowers and sheeps sorrel.

Our wild herb rub is inspired by an amazing pasture outside our kitchen window, when it rains the smell of camomile is intoxicating. We are convinced that meat tastes best flavoured with what it has eaten, and this is our theory behind why the rub is so good with british meat. (It's also pretty gorgeous with veg too!) Ditch the herb d'provence and take up with the herbs of our homeland!

Wild Rose el Hanout  £4.00 25g

Shaun Hill loves Wild Rose El Hanout 'This has the smell of the is a treat to use'

Rose petals, lavender and cooling North African spices - a heavenly fusion of cottage garden florals and exotic flavours that will take you from your back garden to the courtyards of Marrakech

Our Wild Rose Al Hanout sells out at every market we go to..maybe because it's made in small batches with freshly roasted spices or maybe because we are incredibly generous with the amount of wild rose petals that go into it. There's certainly something magical about it..Sprinkle it over your veg or stir it into your tagines. Lamb, goat, fish, pork and chicken love being flavoured with it. You'll be smitten!


Potager Herb Blend £4.00 18g

Chef Kather Marland loves Potager Herb Blend. 'it gives an exquisite new flavour to food; it is utterly divine in a shallot & onion soup'

Once upon a time, not so long ago herb gardens looked rather beautiful and smelt pretty seductive. Towering Lovage with its salty, savory leaves and seeds, pink and blue flowered Hyssop with its incredible floral taste and delicious Savory grew alongside Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme.

 We have reintroduced these rather neglected herbs to each other and they are getting on rather well - in an incredible blend that hits sweet floral highs with salty, deeply savory lows. Potager is destined for new potatoes, onions, pork, chicken or beans and will open your taste buds to a whole new, old experience! 


Wonderful Wild Things gift box  £14.00

If you're foraging for a special gift for the food addict who has everything, you may have found what you're looking for - Pontack, wild herb rub and wild rose el hanout, beautifully hand wrapped and  presented in brown paper packaging (yes, tied up with string!) A wonderful find from Forage!  (small child excluded!)     ((   sm