Hello, welcome to Forage Fine Foods! We make flavours and special seasonal treats inspired by the food that grows around us - here in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. We love the taste of wild ingredients and the thrill of discovering new combinations of flavours - our products are a celebration of the best of the wild. We've spent years playing with ingredients to create products which taste sensational and add a new, wildly irresistible dimension to home cooking, and now we're bottling and jarring the best of our discoveries for you to enjoy in your own kitchen. 

Our store cupboard staples include Wild Herb Rub, a wonderful blend of herbs inspired by the type you'll find in a traditionally farmed pasture - smelling somewhere between hay and tarragon, it's a celebration of our green and pleasant land, whilst the smell and taste of a traditional British herb garden; lavender, lovage, hyssop and savory have been bought together in a delicious herb blend,

Potager If you fancy a wild condiment or splash of flavouring, look no further than the sensational Pontack - an age old recipe of elderberries and cyder vinegar we've tweaked to suit modern palettes. Whilst we love British food, we not exclusive in our tastes, and frequently bring out our very special Wild Rose el Hanout - a north African inspired spice blend made with generous amounts of fragrant rose petals; (just like the kind that are found snaking through summer hedgerows) and lavender, all freshly toasted and ground here at Forage. 

From preserving damsons with honeysuckle in the autumn to blending the flavours of primroses and fresh eggs in the spring, the little pots in our seasonal ranges have the essence of British seasons crammed into them - take a visit to our product pages to find out more about what we're making at the moment

Whether you are a confirmed game eating carnivore or a committed herbivore, our products will please you! 100% natural, made in old fashioned small batches, with no unsightly thickeners, preservatives or dubious sounding ingredients, we pick ethically and sustainably and use as many organic ingredients as possible. Our products are all suitable for vegetarians, but will equally delight lovers of wild meats.  Tempted?...Let us take you on a foray into Forage!